Furniture Removal Services

Do you have a lot of heavy furniture you don’t need anymore? Or smaller furniture that you don’t have time to deal with or care to figure out what to do with on your own? Whatever the case may be, let us help you haul away your unneeded furniture. Whether you have mattresses to get rid of or need desks removed, beds hauled away or large couches carried out of your home, we know how to best handle furniture of all shapes and sizes.

When it’s time to haul away the furniture you no longer need, we will gladly take on the task – throughout Denver and the surrounding areas like Broomfield, Commerce City, Highlands Ranch, Parker and many more. If it’s an old sofa that has been used to it’s fullest, we can take it to the dump for you. If it’s a bed that no longer fits in the new found workout room, we can take it to the nearest donation center for the next person to enjoy.

We can help you get rid of any furniture item, big or small, used or new, put together or pulled apart, inside the house or already outside. If you know in advance that furniture is going to need moving or it is a last-minute change, we can accommodate your furniture removals on short notice.

Call 720-434-8042 or email [email protected] to contact us today for furniture removal services!